Handmade Books with Images


I’m with Amanda and am wild about Finnish book artist Mia Leijonstedt http://leijonstedt.com

That’s her Lost Spells of Merlin book above that she describes as “hand-drawn and painted imagery based on the ancient druid legends. Each page has a hole in the middle, giving a three-dimensional effect when peeking through the book – like traveling in time.” (I’m thinking about windows in my midterm book about a time warp.)

Also check out her Jewel Sonnets on her Books:Sculptural page (like Liz’s book with the beads) as well as Cleopatra Scroll in her Works Archive.

In Leijonstedt’s poetic artist statement, she waxes on about book “not only being a container for stories but a being a story in itself, its whole life and existence in time being read from its tactile details and structural function. I concern myself with the Complete Book where all the details work together to form a consistent whole, everything ties together to advance the storytelling.”

O wonder! How many goodly creatures are here! How beauteous this Book Artistry is! O brave new world that has such books in it!




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