Books without Text

I was all over the Internet searching for picture books.  I googled; I binged; I got frustrated.  I found an amazing book I’d like to have:

Then, I found a site that really pleased me – Sharp Handmade Books.  There are a plethora of books, and I actually found some with no text!  I really like this one; it has morse code.

This one is The Ups and Downs of Mountain Life, and it is made of maps.

Here is one about dreams.  The author has the following to say about it, “With the title in Morse code and the imagery in original gelatin prints, I explore the mysterious language of dreams through this panorama-style book (a form developed by the renowned book designer Hedi Kyle).”

Now, the next two have text; I just couldn’t resist sharing because the construction of each is amazing.


Visit the site; you won’t be disappointed.


  1. I have that Alisa Golden book, Marie, if you’d like to take a look. 🙂

    • mariethrailkill said:

      I would like to see it before I invest the money. It looks wonderful, but it’s hard to tell without looking at it “up close and personal.”

      • I will try to remember to bring it next week. 🙂

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