Handmade Books with Images

I don’t know why, but I thought it would be easier to locate image only books on the internet. I stand corrected. I found several books with words and images (or just words) but had to do some digging to find books with images only that I thought were particularly cool.

A really talented book artists from Finland, Mia Leijonstedt , created several pieces that are really fun and intricately made. The first is called “All the good souls” and looks a little like an accordion book, except that instead of folds between each page, there is a simple binding. Here’s a pic:

Another piece by Leijonstedt that I thought was really beautiful and contained images only, is this one entitled “Warrior Passage”. It’s funny how fitting the name feels for this book because the colors and design definitely make me think of some sort of warrior-esque theme.

I really love the color and the antiquated feel to these books. Leijonstedt is actually a big name in the bookbinding scene (How have I made it this far in my life without knowing this?). She has won about 12 awards for her artistic and technical skills and now her work is exhibited at over 40 international galleries.

A final book that I stumbled across (on etsy, ha) is by Jenny Meilihove who is an artists living in Tel Aviv. Her book is called “Flying to the Dream” and it’s so funky and cool! Here are some pictures:

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