No Words

I was fascinated by this story: Shu-Ju Wang is a painter and artist whose mother suffers from memory loss. So she spent two weeks with her mom working on art prints that she made into a book that would help her mother connect people and images from her past into the present. Shu-Ju then went on to start making these same books for other elderly women who are going through different stages of memory loss.

I loved that Shu-Ju used paintings with vibrant, eye-popping color and well, to be honest, the simplicity of each print. I am not much of a painter, but I feel confident that even I could make something of this caliber and be proud of the finished product.  Another aspect that I loved was the use of texture. By far my favorite has to be the envelope book. The woman whom Shu-Ju made this for was an avid note writer and instead of using text, Shu-Ju opted to use an image that incorporates the idea of note writing which I thought was perfect for our current assignment.

And even though Shu-Ju uses these books as a helpful tool, I thought the concept was interesting and something that I could also do in order to remember certain events in my own life. I have a great love for photography and a ton of photos sitting at home in a drawer, so this idea really has my wheels spinning as to how to incorporate my photography into book making. I often find that even though I love a particular photo, it gets pushed into a drawer and forgotten because I can’t integrate it into the theme I might already have going on inside my house (as in those pictures already hanging on the wall). Now I am inspired to start pulling out old photos and making them into “memory” books.

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