As others have mentioned, finding softcover artists’ books to write about wasn’t terribly easy. Most of the really advanced book artists seem to work in other formats. So I started looking around blogs for artists who maybe weren’t super-advanced but had still made something soft-cover that I found interesting.

I found this one: Scared of the Bugs, by Kara Sjoblom-Bay. I like the book’s cover, with plastic bugs glued on the fold and bug images stamped on the front. I also like the idea of making a book about something that scares the artist. I want to know what’s under that flap that says “I don’t like to open this flap.” I wonder if it’s maggots. Maggots are something I would never want to see.

I feel a little bad about linking to a photo because she expressly says not to do so on the sidebar of her blog, but I guess since it’s in the spirit of education, maybe she won’t mind. Eek.

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  1. Kara said:

    For this type of use, it’s perfectly fine to use my photo – you credited me and linked back to my site, so I don’t mind a bit. This sounds like a great class!

    It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the bugs on the fold are actually beads and they are sewn on. Under the flap is a big scary spider. Yuck. I think you are right about softcover artists books. This is the only softcover edition I’ve done, but it was a lot of fun and much quicker and easier to make than most of my books.

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