Softcover books

I was interested in finding not only softcover books but books made from repurposed materials, and after some rather unintuitive googling found Donna Meyer‘s website. She had set herself to make a book every day for a whole year, an exercise that necessarily pushes boundaries on what actually constitutes bookdom–and stands as a shining example of necessity breeding invention.

This little Starbucks book, made out of a cupholder and stab-bound, strikes me as particularly pleasing. Then there’s

Women in Hats, which has little tiny pockets inside (I don’t know why pockets make me so happy, but they do).

And another stab-bound piece

uses beads as accents, which I’m very fond of doing.

Meyer doesn’t favor one method of binding over others: she uses stab-binding, Coptic binding (for repurposed journals using old book covers), and a fascinating type called long-stitch binding, among others. Long-stitch looks deeply cool:

There’s obviously three hundred and sixty-five of these to look through, and I look forward to reading about the rest of them. I think Meyer’s project fits well with this class’s focus.


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