La Mas Bella

I found these two Spanish guys online at

and I became interested in their projects right off because they are reinterpreting the idea of the magazine into something else might be more permanent and practical than the usual format. Here’s what their website has to say:

“The publishers of La Más Bella are Pepe Murciego and Diego Ortiz, two people who have been involved in the art world, cultural management and the media in Madrid for over twenty years.

The fundamental core of La Más Bella’s activities is the publishing of the Magazine La Más Bella, a medium for experimenting in publishing that has appeared on a regular basis since 1993. La Más Bella is a magazine of collaborations, in which each new issue can count on the work of dozens of creators from every kind of artistic discipline imaginable, whether from the plastic arts, literature, audiovisual or conceptual fields.

Founded in 1993, La Más Bella has published over 30 issues containing the efforts of some 600 collaborators from the world of Spanish art and culture. In addition to its contents, La Más Bella has always had the idea of being an experimental product from the point of view of its format and external appearance, coming close to the idea of the assembling magazine or the book as object that was cultivated by many artists and collectives throughout the 20th century. “

They produce their magazines in a number of experimental formats like as a wallet, an apron, a snack box, a sneaker, and a board game. They have a variety of artists contribute to the content, which also somehow fits the theme or object that is the format  for each issue. For instance, the wallet issue contained all sorts of the usual things one might find in a wallet (id cards, mermbership cards, monery, notes, receipts, condoms, etc.) only each item acted as an article created by a different artist.


La Mas Bella TU


La Mas Bella Juegos Reunidos








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