Faux Vintage Envelope Book

This week I had aimed to find a soft-form book that utilized upcycled materials. I wanted to find an independent artists rather than a more popular one or a bindery.  I wasn’t far into my search when I thought that I had found something that fit the bill perfectly.  The book below from Etsy seller Anna Leehey came awfully close, until I read that it was actually decorative paper, not a genuinely upcycled envelope from a bygone era.

The 9 x 12 handmade journal is bound with a variant (something close to the hemp leaf variant) of the stab binding that we learned last week.  While this work is made on paper made to appear like an old envelop, it  still has spurred all sorts of wonder in my mind. Now I want to go out and  search old bookstores, garage sales and second hand stores for genuinely vintage envelops, maps and other paper products to turn into a journal of my own.

The artist is a young woman who runs an Etsy shop that sells journals, cards and other paper products. Those interested in her work can browse her shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/movetheneedle


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