Here is a book made by Jody Alexander out of due-date cards from library books. She writes, “When stitching together the pockets I found myself feeling sorry for the books that were checked out once or twice, and thinking that the slips filled up with dates were somehow gloating. It is not a popularity contest, I would remind them.”

The use of found materials appeals to me, as does the implied nostalgia for the days when libraries were a going concern. Can’t help wondering, though, whether she was ever reprimanded for removing these cards from the books she checked out.

"Date Due" by Jody Alexander

  1. wow! Look at all that thread! This is beautiful! I love that she feels sorry for the books with less stamps. I always did…

    • There were times that I checked out a book on the basis that it didn’t have enough stamps and I wanted to do my part. I love how the edges look feathery or mossy. I like it when books have an organic look, as though they grow in libraries.

    • Yes, I love all of the thread. It looks alive.

  2. they are all from books withdrawn from the library I work in. so, no “reprimanding” went on. i’ve been collecting them for years.

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