Soft Cover Book Artist: Nicola Dale

A Google image search led me to explore the website of a book artist named Nicola Dale. Her work is very literal, which gives it a sense of humor. It’s not all stuff that I see myself making, but I appreciated her process and the amount of thought that is evident in her work. Her more simple works are what immediately attracted me to her work.

The first one that caught my eye was the book she bound in ribbon, titled Every Single Minute (seen below). This was one I saw as inspiration, since I am very fond of ribbon and have already used it for several bindings. I think it adds an elegant touch to the books, and as I said in my last post, I like simple touches that bring the books to life. I also liked the extending rear pages of this book.

Some of her more extravagant work is very impressive, most of it looking quite complicated and almost entrancing. Some of the pieces pulled me in as I attempted to decipher them and I wound up getting lost in the designs (in a good way!) They’re like book puzzles, something that although they are not simple designs, adds to the overall effect of the book. One of my favorites from her more “out of the box” books is a piece called flashback (seen below).

-Dawn Marie Gannon


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