Soft Book Artist

Permanent Crease Bindery combines precision with playfulness in their soft binding work. Suzanne Cowan, the artist, uses slideshows to display her work, and unfortunately I can’t figure out how to post .htm images here, but you should check her out!

One of the elements I like in her work is that she has a particular kind of stitching she uses in the binding of many of her books. It looks like a series of tally marks. Given what I’ve seen so far about the many different techniques of Japanese stab bind stitches, I wonder if she’s developed this pattern as a kind of signature.

Cowan also strikes a balance between a kind of mass-produced familiarity (stamps of walruses or ostriches as reproducible decoration on journals) and handmade uniqueness. In her new site (the link I posted has an obvious link to send you there), she has a slideshow where she shows tools and a journal in progress, which is a cool way to invite people in to explore more than just the finished product.



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