Last weeks post.

Su Blackwell

“These works can be seen as metaphors for language. I use non traditional art materials such as books and clothes to create work which evokes a sense of dreamy melancholy or magical enchantment”.

When I saw the pictures of her work I was filled with child like wonder. It puts a whole new spin on pop up books from childhood. The craftsmanship is so dainty and beautiful I couldn’t help but include her in my rather long list of book artists who I admire.


Randi Parkhurst

His work is varied and bold. My two favorites are very different works but have so much life. The book made out of a wood box just touched a part of me that loves old and decaying things. It reminds me of history and nature. The second is a brightly colored very technical stack of boxes, bound pamphlets, and books. I just love the tiny stitching and vibrant colors. The technical side inthralls me because it’s something I have a hard time with. I wish I could accomplish technical book binding with such beauty. I have too much chaos in me to make something so neat and precise.


Tamar Stone

I was thrilled and blown away by this book artist. It runs along those murky lines of what people think a book should be. I love the idea of making a bed into a book, or my particular favorite, a vintage corset into a book about the women who would have worn one. It is incredibly interesting and beautiful at the same time. It captured my attention and got the creative juices flowing.


Guy Laramee

My jaw dropped when I saw his work. It is absolutely surreal and breath taking. Making books into mountains and caves, how wondrous. He makes it look so real that it’s just inspirational. I love the idea of books transforming into something else, especially nature. The books become so grand and majestic like a mountain should be.


Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord

I have a great fondness for her work. I think it has to do with my obsession with both nature and decay. I love the decay of a city and nature. Things that are run down or falling apart appeal to me. I find I am always drawn to it. Some might find it a little strange.


two others worth mentioning are

Wood Book by Lexi Hayman and

Edge Painting by Louisa Boyd.


I found both beautiful and inspiring. The leaf book obviously because of my obsession with decaying nature and the other edge painting because of its simple beauty. I love the idea of painting on the edges of the pages.


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