Soft Cover Art

Kat Buckley

I really liked her stab binding. I thought it was a really neat idea to make windows similar to what some did with the magic book in class. Her idea behind the book is clever and amusing as well. I really like the look of her other books, but this one was my favorite. I like its simplicity and humor.

Finally, this is my What Happens When You Are Stabbed. It is stab-bound (haha!) with red embroidery floss on Japanese Kozo-Goya Rice Paper. I printed on the inside and there are small windows peeking through the pages to show the viewer the chemicals that their brain would release if they were stabbed. I have embroidered the chemical structures inside as well, also using the red embroidery floss.

What Happens When You Are Stabbed
Japanese rice paper ink-jet printed and stab bound with embroidery
Spring 2011

Joanne B Kaar

I love her books because of the watercolor-like quality and the fact she uses her own hand made papers. I am also really fond of the accordion book style. I know it’s not one we covered in class, but it’s still a soft cover that captures my attention and delights me.

Beaufort Scale  8  accordion fold book


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