Soft Book Artists

I was having trouble finding soft book artists too until I found this website: That is a really great listing of all kinds of book artists and book artists collectives. Using this site, I found a lot of great artists like Eric Alstrom, Emily Martin and Alice Simpson. But the artist I was most impressed with was Maureen Cummins.

Cummins ability to take simple found forms and turn them into books and works of art have struck me more than any artist I’ve encountered. For her piece titled, Accounts & Deeds, Cummins takes an old found accounting book to tell the story of Native Americans and slavery in America. For Stocks & Bonds, she explores the cruelty of capitalism on old stock and trading records from Manhattan company from the beginning of the century. Not only is the work political, but the book itself is also a political statement. I was very intrigued by this.

But my favorite work of Cummins that I came across was her book titled Ghost Diary. Printed on glass, Cummins based this on a letter she found from 1807 written by a Colonel to his children in the anniversary of their mother’s death. just the concept is stunning but the work itself is on another level. Which is why it sells for $1850!



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