Book Artist Inspiration

Hi! I am posting this now because I joined a week late.

I can’t say that I have my own aesthetic yet, though in my limited experience I can tell you that I have an affinity for adhesives.

I am a big fan of pop-up books and especially Robert Sabuta. He makes everything from very minimalist modern pieces to elaborate scientific models. I have his Night Before Christmas (which is very minimalist) and Dinosaurs (which has pop-ups within pop-ups and a T-Rex). He calls himself paper engineer rather than a book maker, so this might be stretching the assignment. His website is but it’s a really sad site compared to his work.

Another book artist who I just recently discovered is Su Blackwell, from the UK. I think she has been mentioned already, but is worth mentioning again. She makes 3 dimensional paper dioramas (for lack of a better word) that spring up out of books. I can’t help but feel a little ill when I think about old books getting cut up, but given that they would just be sitting in dusty piles somewhere or tossed into a dumpster, this seems like a pretty good fate.

Below is Su Blackwell’s work “Out of Narnia”. Sadly, it’s been sold.

Su Blackwell

I have been drawn more toward people who retain the bookiness of the book rather than people who make something and call it a book. In class when someone said it is not a book while holding a book all I could think of was the Matisse painting “C’est ne pa une pipe”. I guess it’s time for some abstract realism up in here.



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