Stab binding love

As I have been perusing the interweb, I have come upon several examples of stab binding that near blew my mind! Many of them were images shown as examples promoting a class or workshop, and did not have artists names displayed. However, I did find a few that really stood out to me as amazing and beautiful examples of stab binding.

Create by three trees bindery (shop owner’s name is Michelle, here is link to her page, the book below is made from white birch tree bark, bound with waxed black linen thread and filled with hand torn drawing/sketching paper. The binding itself is beautiful and pushes the stab binding form to new regions, not to mention the use of tree bark as a cover. This is not the only example of birch books on her site, so if you like them, be sure to check out the link above.

unique handmade  journal - small birch bark wood book by Three Trees Bindery

Another example that I thought was extremely creative is offered at Z as in Zebra (no name available I am not unable to load pictures for this one, so please visit the link to see the example. The cover is made from a yoga mat and the title of the work is “Namaste.” The binding uses a variation of stab binding called Noble binding, which you will see has a double eye binding on the corners of the book. I really like this book because it uses creative materials and the title of the work reflects the materials used. I love themes 🙂

One more example by Elaine Langerman (again, I could not figure out how to insert the picture so please use this link This book is made from acrylic paintings and is bound with red thread and accented with beads, which is one of my favorite parts. I am now thinking of trying to include beads or buttons or something onto my book for this week because of this example!





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  1. Hey, thanks for the link back to my blog. I appreciate your comments on my work. Very sweet of you. Hope you’ll visit Z as in Zebra again soon!

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