Soft Book Covers

One artist that inspired me was Kim Henkel. She says out of her need to create daily did she come up with this book and that she also likes to use things she already has around the house, which is something that I’d like to do during this class because everytime we have an assignment, my first thought is to run out to the store. Since it looks as though Kim used some sort of cloth, I was wondering how well old clothing would work as a book cover. After thinking about the craft store, clothing was the first thing that popped into my mind when it comes to using items I already have. I know I have a lot of clothing that I don’t wear anymore that could definitely come in handy for a project like this. There I go thinking outside of the box!

Another artist that inspired me was Courtney Goromboly. She is similar to Kim as in she likes to use objects found around the house—just not her house. Courtney collects, “odd finds from rummage/yard sales” and likes objects that others would consider trash. It wasn’t until she learned bookmaking that she was able to start using these “treasures”. I was drawn to this particular book of hers because she took it a step further and made the paper herself out of collage paper and long dried grass. I thought the effect was cool as the grass and hemp give the book texture and probably feels nice when holding it in your hands. She mentioned something about also making the inside paper, but I think she was referring to the inside book cover and not the pages. I know this is not a soft cover, but making your own paper can be converted into a soft cover right? I just wonder how well it would hold up since the handmade paper is not a conventional sheet.


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