Dennis Yuen’s Rapunzel

While poking around book artist sites on the internet, I came across the piece by Dennis Yuen called Rapunzel:

Dennis Yuen's Rapunzel

Rapunzel is the first in a series of fairy tale books that attempt to convey some feeling or aspect of each story with including any actual text from the story itself. I like this idea of the book as a physical translation of the story. I immediately thought of a marionette binding for Pinocchio or an apple core binding for Genesis. I was also impressed by the sheer effort it must have taken Mr. Yuen to create the piece. Besides, it looks like an awesome book to curl up with.

  1. That takes the furry book Gavin brought in last night to a whole new level! What a cool concept for a book. And now I’m wondering if they managed to make a Cinderella book that incorporated glass…or maybe pumpkins.

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