A book artist or two that I found

Awhile back I found a book at Langsdale Library called 500 Handmade Books which I checked out at the time just to get some inspiration. For this assignment, I checked it out again. There’s a lot of great material inside, but one of my favorites is a book done by Gena M. Ollendieck.  This is the book:

I love the college aspect, and the multimedia aspect. Her internet presence isn’t the best, but I did find a website (at http://www.otlag.com/artist%20folders/GenaOllendeick/GenaOllendieck.htm) where she talks a little bit about her inspiration and her process. She says her curiosity for exploring stems from childhood, and that she particularly likes using old black and white photos and “discarded objects” that she finds.

As I said, I love the multimedia aspect — the idea of re-purposing things to make into books. And I’ve loved making collages for years, though I typically stuck to 2D pieces.

I found a few other artists in the book who had some amazing pieces featured but had even less of a web presence, it seems. I’d recommend taking a look at the book for inspiration though (once I return it) — the call number is Z 246. A14.

Rachel W.

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