quisnam sum?

Well. I spent many happy hours roving far and wide across the internets for this assignment. The world of book making is far more extensive than I had anticipated. I saw so many wonderful, inspiring works. Unfortunately, I did not bookmark any of them, and now, a couple days later (why did I wait so long to post? I have no idea.), I’m finding that I can’t remember the name of the woman to whom I wanted to call y’all’s attention in this here post. Mea culpa. #researchfail

It’s just possible, though, that this will ring a bell with some of you, and you’ll be able to fill in the missing information for me. So I will relate as much as I can remember. The artist in question describes her books as a form of meditation/spiritual discipline. Briefly, as I recall, what she does is to take sacred texts from various world traditions and cut them up and turn them into one another. For example, she might take a passage from the Bible, cut it up, and rearrange the words and letters so that they spell out a passage from the Bhagavad-Gita. Or a page fom the Tao Te Ching sliced and spliced to spell out the words of the Quran. And so on.

Imagining the time it must take to complete a project like this – the painstaking removal and placement of each word and letter – filled me with admiration. And the symbolic dimensions of the results – a literal fusion of all the world’s spiritual traditions – are inspiring. Also, the results are elegant to behold, which is nice.

If anyone can tell me who this mystery bookmaker is, I will tip my hat to you.



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