Book Artist Inspiration

I like the idea of using recycled material or even recycling material to revamp something old into something new. Phiona Richards does this very well.

Not that I like the idea of rooting through someone’s garbage, but I like the traditional yard sales and abandoned storage bins, curious what someone’s trash might actually mean to me. We can all find meaning from something, especially as writers, and Richards takes that idea to introduce old text to society.

Because we are focused on appearance and what constitutes the norm, we abandon those things that are no longer practical or appealing, including worn books.

Richards uses traditional needlework techniques to create something new from these neglected texts. Not that I’m any good with needlework, but I like the idea of re-shaping something to make it more appealing to the beholder.

Richards says of her book sculptures, “Although they appear to be fragile and delicate they are quite robust and interaction becomes a therapeutic experience on many sensory levels.” My favorite one to look at is Elipse Honeycombe. 

But more than just recycled material, I love what Richards does with paper. Although I have never been intrigued with origami, I always liked creating different shapes either with paper or in my head. Richards says, “I am continually exploring the possibilities this material unfolds for me.”

I hope I can emulate this experience with my magic book product. As always, we have an idea, but until that idea unfolds, we never know what we will create.

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