book arts inspiration

It would be impossible for me to choose just one book artist whose work I admire and feel an affinity with. My brain is like a junk store, or a box of broken crayons, and I never know what direction my next art project will take until I start. So for this post, I’ve decided to highlight three book artists who interest and inspire me.

Maureen Cummins is a book artist from New York who does printing and binding. Her website showcases many of her books and other projects. I love that Maureen uses old photographic images in much of her work. I collect old photos, and I plan to use some of them in the books I create. Her work is very eclectic, but her book forms are quite simple, which I find appealing when the artwork or text within the book is more over-the-top.

Lynne Avadenka makes books that have a very clean but sophisticated aesthetic. I like the interesting closures she uses on some of her books. Her colors are from a very neutral palette, which gives the work a serenity and seriousness that I find compelling.

Another book artist I admire is Carol Barton. Her books often use pop-ups and other fun, interactive features. I love her bold use of color. The books Carol makes are exciting and dynamic, and although I am not particularly great at engineering, I would love to at least attempt to gain some of those pop-up skills. Check out Carol’s Tunnel Map — it’s remarkable!

  1. kimberleylynne said:

    That tunnel map book is amazing and I love that she gives instructions. Thanks Heather!

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